All The Essentials
Robin Stine knows her essential oils. So well, in fact, that she uses them to create hair and body products that moisturize and mesmerize with their amazing scents. I know this because I use her beard oil - and I don't even have a beard. It's that good. So when she asked me to help her with her brand I jumped at the chance. The name was a no-brainer, but I wanted the logo to allude to the concept rather than illustrate the obvious.
For the product labels I illustrated male and female characters to represent their intended audiences and created labels for her Dank Beard Oil for men and Rose Facial Oil for women. I then found real robin's nests and used them as props in the product photos which I shot in my back yard with my iPhone - hey, it's a startup so I kept it real. 
And a brand was hatched.

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