Business Spark
Some people can't draw. Some can't carry a tune. I don't do code well. But I  do know how I want a website to look and feel, that's why I like to partner with folks with serious coding chops. Blue Ocean Consulting asked me to help with a new website interface for their client, Corporate Woods, of Overland Park, Kansas. The business park is home to some of the area's most distinctive office buildings and the peaceful, natural setting is a dream for anyone who is fortunate enough to work there.
I came onto the project as the team interface designer and worked alongside Blue Ocean staff through each phase of the project. I submitted several interface designs and in the final meeting the Corporate Woods representatives chose a winner. I submitted layered PhotoShop files to Blue Ocean and they expertly converted my vision into a website that looks great and functions perfectly for the client's needs.
I'd say we knocked it out of the business park.

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