Tee Up Another One
The Mulligan Golf Club has one foundational tenant - golf should be fun so why adhere to strict rules? The "Mulligan" or "do over" has been around since the early 20th century but used only informally among friends, but the Mulligan Golf Club seeks to make it a respectable variant of the game.
I was tasked with creating a logo that kept the look of traditional golf symbology yet hinted at the impetus for the mulligan — the whif, the duff, the chunk, the worm burner — the bad shot. I started with a traditional script typeface and then drew an abstract, minimalist golfer using as few strokes as possible (of course). I placed it above the "L"s for for visual continuity and then dotted the "i" with a green ball to tie the mark together. The result is a subtle depiction of a golfer in full swing with the ball still on the tee. It's mulligan time.
I'd say I got ahold of that one.

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